Design and governance of Indigenous organisations
Anthropos can draw on extenstive experience in working with Indigenous people in Australia, in such areas as developing good corporate governance and the management of effective service delivery, and the design and establishment of appropriate and effective local and regional organisations.
Native title and land rights
We have worked on the research and management of native title claims, provided peer review and assistance on claims to Native Title Representative Bodies, and given advice to State and Territory governments on claims and on principles for consent determinations of native title. We have also undertaken research for the National Native Title Tribunal. In the land rights area, We have provided advice to the Federal Minister, and undertaken research on land claims under both Northern Territory and Queensland legislation.
Organisational reviews and restructures
Anthropos has undertaken performance audits and provided advice on organisational restructuring to both government and Indigenous organisations regarding Native Title Representative Bodies, CDEPs, and other community-based organisations.

Policy advice to government and industry

Anthropos has provided high level advice to governments over a range of policy issues, including on alcohol and community justice issues, governance and accountability issues, native title and land rights, and the review and development of Indigenous-specific legislation. We have also provided advice to industry, in relation to appropriate arrangements and structures for agreements with Indigenous people.

Self-management and community development
Anthropos has extensive first-hand experience in working for Indigenous organisations in such areas as community development, service delivery, and developing strategies for good governance. We have also provided advice to government in relation to these issues.
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