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Dr David Martin is Director of Anthropos and Senior Anthropologist, based in Canberra. He has extensive field-based experience with Aboriginal groups in rural and remote areas, including eight years in community development. He has also worked at senior management level within government, and provided high level advice to Aboriginal organisations, government agencies and the private sector on such matters as developing effective Aboriginal organisational structures, native title and land rights, and addressing alcohol issues. Dr Martin has published on a range of native title issues, including a major co-authored book on prescribed bodies corporate (PBCs). He has also published on issues such as accountability, corporate governance, and developing effective organisational structures for service-delivery bodies which take account of Aboriginal political and economic values. He has particular expertise in working with Aboriginal groups to develop effective corporate structures.

David Martin's curriculum vitae:

Dr Robert Levitus originally qualified in law and then turned to anthropology. Since 1981 he has carried out extensive research in the Kakadu/West Arnhem region of the Northern Territory on historical, anthropological and policy topics. These have included a review of the membership rules of a local royalty-receiving association, sacred site documentation and registration, project direction of the Kakadu Region Social Impact Study, research for the Resource Assessment Commission Inquiry into the Coronation Hill dispute, and reports on oral heritage and Aboriginal territorial affiliations for Kakadu National Park management. He has published on land rights reform, CDEP, Aboriginal organisations, mining and fire management. He has held academic appointments at the University of Queensland and at the Centre for Aboriginal Economic Policy Research at the Australian National University. In recent years his work has extended to traditional connection issues in the east Kimberley and south-west Queensland.

Robert Levitus' curriculum vitae:

Bruce Martin is completing a Bachelor of Arts degree through the Open University. He is currently based in Cairns, working on a number of projects with his mother's Wik people in Aurukun, western Cape York. He has experience as a youth worker in Aurukun, has worked with Wuchopperen Medical Service with Indigenous people in Cairns as a youth and family counsellor around substance misuse and men’s health issues, and for the Cape York Land Council and Balkanu Cape York Development Corporation on a number of projects, including the Wild Rivers legislation, and land tenure and management arrangements in Cape York.

Bruce Martin's curriculum vitae:

Kim McCaul provides expertise in anthropology, linguistics and mediation. He spent 10 years as anthropologist at the Native Title Section of the South Australian Crown Solicitor’s Office and one year as anthropologist (Principal Project Manager) at the South Australian Aboriginal Heritage Branch of the Aboriginal Affairs and Reconciliation Division. He has worked in urban and remote contexts on researching, presenting, analysing and assessing ethnographic and linguistic information for native title and heritage processes; has conducted cross-cultural mediations; and facilitated negotiations, expert conferences and community meetings. He also has a long-standing research interest in cross-cultural notions of health and spirituality. Kim has developed and delivered a number of cross-cultural training and education programs, including cross-cultural training for staff of the South Australian Department of Justice, Aboriginal heritage awareness training for various industry bodies and an undergraduate course called Language and the Law at the University of New England.

Kim McCaul's curriculum vitae:

Anthropos also has considerable experience in working in multidisciplinary teams. We can access legal, financial and anthropological expertise from a wide range of consultants (both Indigenous and non-Indigenous) with whom we have developed long-term professional relationships.


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