Demonstrated ability to work closely with Indigenous colleagues and groups

David Martin has worked with and for Indigenous people over a period of almost 3 decades. The demonstrated success of this work has been dependent on a capacity to work effectively and closely with Indigenous people.

Understanding of and respect for Indigenous values and beliefs

The insights from anthropogical training, together with extensive close involvement with Indigenous people, have given Anthropos the ability to work effectively in the intercultural domain in which Indigenous societies engage with the wider one.

Capacity to work in multi-disciplinary teams

Anthropos has worked successfully in a number of major projects for government, Indigenous organisations and the private sector which necessitated close collaboration with both Indigenous and non-Indigenous people from a range of professions, including public servants, lawyers, and accountants.

High quality outcomes

Anthropos' successful project history demonstrates our commitment to providing high quality outcomes. We provide a unique blend of rigour applied to developing practical solutions.

Timely and cost-effective work

Anthropos has a demonstrated commitment to providing clients with outcomes at a reasonable cost, and on schedule

A genuine commitment to adding value to outcomes

Anthropos aims always to bring our particular skills and knowledge to complement those of the people we work for and with.

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